Organic Jarrah Honey TA 35+

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Our honey is 100% natural and raw. 

The honey is untreated or heated so all the flavor and health benefits of this unique honey are kept in each jar.  The bees forage on the Eucalyptus Marginata or 'Jarrah Trees' in the SW regions of Western Australia which is considered the most remote and protected bee environment in the world.

A caramel or molasses type flavor that is smooth on the palate. 

We get our honey independently tested by a third party so we can verify the anti-microbial activity of each jar, this is measured in Total Activity (TA).

100% Raw Organic Jarrah Honey

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Mccoll
Delicious Goodness

You can taste the natural beauty of the Western Australia bush. The aroma that comes from my hot water when I add Apia Jarrah is incredible. The whole experience from purchase to consumption is easy and quick. I have bought extra so I never run out.

Mikita Marus
Best honey I've ever tried?

Incredibly tasty and fragrant honey.

Feel-good honey

With no nasties and all the goodness I love giving this honey to my family on toast or in a cup of tea or just by the spoonful! So delicious and so good for them its definitely a feel-good honey!

Sandy Jones
Jarrah Honey TA 35+

This honey is exceptional. I am Western Australian and grew up with the taste of Jarrah honey as my favourite toast spread . I now appreciate the many benefits of this quality honey and use it in my tea each day. The smooth caramel like taste is a huge hit with my grand children . So nice to share my childhood memory with them .

Rachel Gillon
Best honey outside NZ

I am a kiwi living in Aus and traditionally only buy NZ honey. This honey has been the best I have ever had in Aus, beautiful flavour, easy to spread and add to things and I love knowing it’s full of so many benefits. Purchased a smaller tub to try and now have a large one on the go. It’s a daily staple in our home :)